My story

With nothing to do

After I graduated from University and got myself a job, I had a lot of time to spent. I decided to start playing guitar because music was something that I wanted to dive in. For some reason installed in me, music was something that I could not do, I was not good enough to learn an instrument or sing etc.

In that moment I begin to stop thinking that and that that music was a country that I needed to explore further, the guitar was a good beginning. However I felt I wanted to go further than that and explore the world of digital and synthesizer
My approach to music is that I’m always open to whatever I hear and experimenting is the most wonderful and awesome thing to do. In addition the lyrics are also one of the most important part of my music and I consider myself as electronic troubadour.

As I look forward, I see the horizon. It is clear to me where I am headed even though it could be difficult I do not fear that. It needs to be else it would be no fun. Ask any athlete if they would like it to be easy. In fact if it isn’t challenging then you are in your comfort and if you are always in comfort you can never expend your world will be very limited.
The horizion is expension and expension is what people look for in many ways, why do we say we need to grow eventhough you have past your physical growth.


Be the horizion

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